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If you're interested in my doubles, exchange is possible. I don't sell any caps.

I have special interest for French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian caps. But I enjoy also all beautiful caps from various countries.

Warning : non-contractual pictures !
1° In the Trade section, photographs differ from the caps to trade. In fact, all the photographs, as shown on the site, are those of the exemplars of my collection - of course, in the best condition. So, the doubles may look as good as on the photograph, but some are in poor condition.

2° I take no interest in factory signs. I may have a cap with a sign, and the double with another sign. If you're collecting different versions of the same cap, don't hesitate to ask me.

Feel free to contact me for availability (errors may occur) and for any information about the caps. I can send you some pictures of all my available doubles.

Beer labels collectors : I don't collect labels, but I just keep one label from each beer I've tasted. So I can swap some labels for beer caps. If you're interested in, contact me.